Meet Eric

The expert craftsman behind High Country Fine Furniture

Eric Winne began woodworking as a kid & at age 6, he was making toy swords at the bandsaw. At age 13, he earned his first paycheck.

Growing up working with his Dad, Eric learned the ins and outs of the cabinet industry: how to meet with clients, create designs, source high-quality materials, build custom cabinets according to plans, and install them.

In 2009, at the peak of the recession and at age 19, he started High Country Fine Furniture. In 2019, he won the People’s Choice Award in a woodworking competition. That year, he began teaching the cabinetry course at Red Rocks College of Fine Woodworking. He was recommended for the position by a local hardwood representative who noticed that Eric was the only cabinet maker in Northern Colorado who builds everything personally: drawers, doors, cabinets, & even the finishes.

Over the years, Eric has continued learning about the industry during each project. He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado with his wife, and two dogs, and he does his best to kayak the Poudre at every opportunity.

Eric Winne and his wife Liz
Eric Winne and his dog Townes

Excellence & Quality

By keeping our staff small and knowledgeable, we are able to create high quality, handcrafted products. We’ve found that by including you in the process during the design phase that we can work together to design functional and beautiful projects.

Personalized Approach

High Country Fine Furniture uses a hands-on approach. As a small business, we believe it is important to individually meet with every client to find out exactly what you want.  We create a customized drawing based on the consultation and your home renovation ideas, then we work together to refine the design.

Kitchen Island by High Country Fine Furniture
White Oak Vanity by High Country Fine Furniture
Modern Kitchen Island by High Country Fine Furniture